Basic Parts of The Boat

You can't love it, if you don't know it.. and so also on your dream boat. Before you can take care of it, at least you have to know the basic parts of your boat. Here are the basic terms to describe the various parts of most boats—use them as often as you can, and soon they’ll be second nature.

Hatch. A horizontal door, usually on a storage compartment.
Sole. The part of the boat you stand on, the floor.

boat's part,outboard motor,stern drive,inboard,terms of a boatOutboard motor. A self-contained engine and propulsion system that mounts on the stern. Many are two-cycle and burn oil along with gasoline to make power, but four-cycle outboards are now increasingly popular.
Stern drive. Also known as an “inboard/outboard” or “I/O,” this system combines a four-cycle automotive type engine or a small diesel inside the boat with a drive unit on the transom.
Inboard. A four-cycle gas or diesel engine mounted amidships, which drives the boat through a shaft in the bottom.

terms of boat's part,forward,draft,chines,gunnel,inwale,keel,waterline,stern,bow,amidship,aft,LOA
Aft. Toward the back part of the boat.
Amidships. The middle part of the boat, between aft and forward.
Beam. The width of a boat, usually measured at its widest point.
Bow. Pronounced like "ow", this is the pointy front end of a boat. (Most canoes have two pointy ends. The one in front is the "bow".
Chines. Where the bottom of a boat meets the sides.
Draft. The distance from the waterline to the lowest point of the hull—the shallowest depth in which a boat will float without any part touching bottom.
Forward. Toward the front part of the boat.
Freeboard. The distance from the waterline to the gunnels. (A taller freeboard makes a boat more seaworthy.)
Gunnel. The top of the hull, where the inner liner joins the outer hull. (It’s also spelled "gunwale", but still pronounced "gunnel".)
Inwale. The inner side of the gunnel.
Keel. The part where the two halves of the bottom meet. Structurally, the main center frame member of the hull. In sailing, the fin projecting from the bottom to reduce leeway.
Length overall (LOA). The distance from the tip of the bow to the end of the stern.
Stern or Transom. The squared-off back end of the boat.
Waterline. Where the surface of the water meets the hull.

Indeed the vocabulary of boaters can be as difficult as Korean at first, but believe me it will becomes more familiar after some time aboard


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This is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you could ever take pleasure in. A sail boat is a boat that uses the wind as the primary way of moving across the water. Having a fundamental understanding of each one of these parts will help you to have a safe sailing experience when you are out on the water. Thanks a lot........

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Hi, I think another essential part of the boat is the boat steering system, do you agree?

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